Facial Peels

A form of skin exfoliation that helps to remove and minimize unwanted appearance such as, wrinkles, pigment disorders, uneven texture, blemishes, rosacea, acne scarring, and other problems that may affect the way we feel about ourselves. Chemical peel addresses these problems by loosen the dead cells from the skin surface and allowing new and healthier skin to come through revealing the younger, radiant-looking skin. We are currently offering three types of chemical peels: Sensi Peel Exfoliating Treatment, Ultra Peel 1 Exfoliating Treatment and Smoothing Body Peel Treatment.


Sensi Peel Exfoliating Treatment $150

Sensi Peel Exfoliating Treatment is a TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel. While many peels are too harsh, this solution was formulated primarily for Asian skin and even the most sensitive skin types. This solution contains key ingredients that will strengthen and brighten the skin while effectively treat sun damage, acne scarring and other forms of hyperpigmentation. Its unique formulation features anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are effective in calming rosacea and severe acne, as redness and inflammation subside substantially after treatment. **Key ingredients include Lactic, Trichloroacetic (TCA), Azelaic, Kojic acids, and Arbutin.

Ultra Peel Exfoliating Treatment $150

This deeper and more active treatment is ideal for those with more apparent wrinkles, sun damage, pigment disorders, smoker’s skin and acne scarring. While Ultra Peel 1 Exfoliating Treatment effectively treats these conditions, it is especially formulated for dehydrated, maturing skin as well as sensitive skin. **Key ingredients include Lactic, Trichloroacetic (TCA), Ascorbic, Kojic and Azelaic acids.

Smoothing Body Peel Treatment $160+

It is just as important to treat the skin on the body, as well as the face. Smoothing Body Peel Treatment effectively treat skin that is dehydrated, hyperpigmentation, and uneven texture, enable the body to feel smooth, even toned and brighten. This treatment consists of two steps: Step1, the Pre-Peel Accelerator Mask and Step 2, the Smoothing Body Peel. Its potent formulation yet skin friendly contain key ingredients that will nourish, soften and hydrate the skin’s surface, while TCA, lactic and salicylic acids join together to affect dramatic changes in the skin’s appearance and texture. **Key ingredients in the Mask are urea and Malic acid while the peel contains Trichloroacetic, Lactic, Salicylic and Kojic acids as well as Arbutin. **Prices are subject to changes without notice.